the at files

Between the years 1970 and 1976, The Adventure Team operated in the public eye. A group of experts, executing assignments as varied as they were interesting. 7 years of globetrotting exploits garners a lot of files, and a lot of stories.

They discovered and mapped previously uncharted lands, saved members of endangered species, rescued lost scientists and other civilians, and saved the world. Their adventures spanned the globe, and were covered in numerous magazines and periodicals of the time.

The goal of this site is to chronicle much of what The Adventure Team did while they were active. This includes their adventures, magazine articles, and personnel dossiers.

Hope you enjoy all the effort I'm putting into this, it is a great hobby for me, and I try my best to make it enjoyable for everyone.


11/29/21: Updated some team member photos, and added a page for the Comrade of Action.


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9-22-18: Website is still very much under construction.