I made this fun-little fan site out of a desire for more Adventure Team content on the web. Please bear in mind, I am not making any money off of this site, this is purely for the sake of the hobby, and my enjoyment.

When it comes to the stories, as well as characterizations, I am doing my best to keep everything authentic to the "non-violent" tangent GI Joe went on in the 1970's, while also referencing assorted pop culture franchises, such as Indiana Jones, James Bond, The X-Files, Stranger Things, Jonny Quest, and others.

I am also influenced greatly by The Adventure Team Chronicles, which appeared in the GI Joe Collector's Club monthly magazine from Feb. 2011, to an unspecified date in either 2017 or 2018. And I wouldn't be giving credit where credit's due if I failed to mention other Fan sites and Fan comics. I'll try to give credits on certain characters/stories, but if you recognize something as your own, and I failed to mention it, I apologize. I hope to have a comments section, or some other way to contact me if that does happen.


I use a lot of abbreviations here. And if this is your first time here, or you are new to GI Joe, it can probably be confusing. Here's a handy key if you're ever confused.

KFG - Kung Fu Grip

MOA - Man of Action

TC - Talking Commander

GIJCC - GI Joe Collectors' Club

VAM40 - Vintage Action Man, 40th Anniversary

3SB - 3rd Son Books (maker of reproduction parts, vendor of official GI Joe Merchandise                                        and custom sets)


GI Joe, The Adventure Team, and the names of the Adventurers, are all properties of Hasbro. The names of certain stories are taken from sets which are also properties of Hasbro. No copyright infringement intended.

The Adventure Team logo I use on the site has been pulled from the web. It was uploaded by a Pinterest  user, who appears to have saved it from another Pinterest user? Point is this is not the first generation of this image.

The character names and backgrounds are completely fictitious. Many events depicted here are also fictitious. Any similarity to persons, alive or dead, or events, past or present, are completely coincidental.

Occasionally, a real event or person is mentioned, to create a time frame authentic to the 1970's.